Our mission at Allegheny Apparel is to provide your group with the highest quality sublimate apparel. We will deliver our customers a seamless and collaborative experience, enabling them to create their own brand. We strive to offer a state of the art experience that is fun, efficient and easy, while exemplifying our passion for innovation, quality and excellence.


All of Allegheny Apparel's garments can be customized with your own design on every inch of the garment. Our team will work with you to simplify the process of taking your ideas and turning them into reality. We can assist you with a custom design at no additional cost, what garments to select, and purchasing your custom sublimation apparel through our interactive design and order process. 


Allegheny Apparel was soon founded in 2015 in a small town in Pennsylvania.  With a goal of providing high-quality and affordable shirts that will never fade. Our passion for creativity and collaboration with clients is what brings our custom sublimation business to life.

Allegheny Apparel's sublimation shirts utilize the finest 100% polyester material and sublimation inks to offer our clients limitless design capabilities allowing you to create something very special for any occasion. We believe in quality, care, and creating unique products that everyone can enjoy.  Colorful, creative, and inspired by providing a quality product that showcases the unique brand identity, each product represents our passion to make sure you receive the unique styles that set you apart from the competition both on and off the field.

Through the brand Allegheny Apparel, we are dedicated to providing clients limitless customization options without additional price increases for every color added. We work fast to increase turn-around times while providing superior quality and hands-on customer-service. Whether it’s a race circuit in Las Vegas, a business grand opening or a local sports team, we ensure every client looks good and stands out!

Let Allegheny Apparel sublimated apparel inspire you to dream big! 

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